The elderly in the city spend an average of 21-22 hours a day in their community living environment, which can provide places for the elderly to exercise and socialize. It is the main place for the elderly to live in their daily lives. Especially as the age increases, the health decline and the physical vulnerability increase of the elderly, the community living environment is particularly important for providing convenience for the elderly’s daily activities and exercise, which directly affects the emotional health of the elderly. Therefore, it is of great significance to understand the relationship between the community environment and the emotional health of the elderly, and to use this as a basis for effective landscape design.

The design takes Donghu New Village, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou as an example. After evaluating the environmental satisfaction of the elderly on their living environment, the analysis summarizes and enhances the landscape factors in the community that have the greatest impact on the emotional health of the elderly and improves them by design, so as to improve the emotional health of the elderly through landscape interventions, and achieve the purpose of creating an elderly friendly community environment. Optimize the renovation of the facility system of Donghu New Village, from the perspective of practicability, comfort and attractiveness, optimize and improve the rehabilitation facilities, rest facilities and barrier-free facilities in the community, provide another perspective to promote the construction of elderly friendly Cities and elderly living communities.

设计年份/Year: 2019-2020
负责人/Lead Designer:Chongxian Chen
成员/Team:Zusheng Cen