As the aging population rapidly increases, the health status of this group has become a pressing issue for the city of Guangzhou. Unfortunately, older adults are often argued as a burden to society. Evidence suggests that built environments are closely associated with the health of the elderly. However, the existing outdoor environments are usually lack of awareness of the elderly’s needs. Therefore, inclusive design for the outdoor environment is necessary to improve the life quality of the elderly.

Based on the concept of active ageing, and different quality levels of residential outdoor environments, our project proposed a set of landscape toolkit to create active ageing neighborhoods that benefit the mental and physical health of the elderly.

Our design strategy for different quality levels of outdoor environments includes three parts:

  1. autonomy and independence: providing walkable and easy access environment;
  2. health and wellbeing: creating pleasant and comfortable outdoor environments for health promotion;
  3. social interaction: promoting the social connection of multi-aged groups.

设计年份/Year: 2019-2020
项目负责人/Lead Designer:Chongxian Chen,Yu Xia
成员/Team:Haiwei Li,Wanying Liang, Danyang Lei, Zusheng Cen, Weijing Luo and Yongqi Hou